Tip 24: The Interactive Game Experience- 25 Tips To Staying Together As A Family This Holiday Season


If you are feeling more comfortable with stepping outside of the home, this tip is for you. Escape rooms and axe throwing centers have become out of the box places to meet. A completely unique and different experience than sitting and chatting. For example, being locked in a themed room of your choice, with an hour to figure out clues to get out, in the company of your choosing. These are franchises, many times owned by local members of your community.

The episode, “The Bachelor Party” of Pop Networks, Schitt’s Creek highlighted how easy it is to get into the game, even for those apprehensive to play. By the way, this show is an extremely entertaining series if you are looking for a Netflix binge. Love games, clues, science, and investigative fun? Then you will love escape rooms. Some locations do not allow for young ones, so check age exceptions ahead of time. In addition, you can review implemented CDC safety guidelines via the website beforehand, to ease any concerns.

A second fun night out mentioned was axe throwing. Who would have thought throwing axes would be so entertaining? The only contact is with the company of your choice, as well as the safety instructors. This specific experience is not designed for little ones, but could be an unconventional date night or night out for families with older children.

These are great ways to enjoy time with those in your household outside of the home. If this is not something you feel safe doing at the moment, save this tip for a later date. As always Happy Holidays and Breathe Easy.

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