Tip 23: Adopting a First Responder- 25 Tips to Staying Together As A Family This Holiday Season


Our first responders are always worthy of gratitude, but this year especially. There is no way of knowing that you may face war, a pandemic, or some completely rare phenomenon when signing up to be a first responder. It is known it will always be a possibility, but never a prediction. What our first responders have faced this past year and continue to face every day is extremely draining and exhausting. They are people, parents, sons, daughters, persons, and friends. Neighbors, caregivers, and so much more. They are facing some of the same struggles as us, but from the front-lines. We can find special ways to say thank you. Ways to keep their morale up and keep them encouraged.

Letters seem like a lost art, but can give that extra boost, or smile needed to get through a challenging day. Many people have been providing meals, water, and baked goods since lunch and dinner breaks were not feasible many times. Others, have thought to donate money. Community residents have held up signs, sang songs, and rang bells during shift changes to raise spirits. As a family or an individual you can make a difference in a first responder’s life. Your letter, thought, and presence can lift spirits, and help someone keep looking forward. Just ask a servicemen. Military persons have been experiencing this for many years and rightfully so. Getting a box of letters, or pictures from a kindergarten class letting them know someone cares and is thinking of them. This can go such a long way. Consider doing this for your local hospital, police department, EMS, Fire department, and any other first responders in your area.

One of the lines that recently stuck with me from a kids Christmas movie called “Klaus” is “One act of kindness sparks another”. This statement rings true today, yesterday, and tomorrow. To ALL first responders from Breathe Easy Therapy Services, Thank you.

Happy Holidays and Breathe Easy.

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