Tip 22: Jewelry Party- 25 Tips to Staying Together As A Family This Holiday Season


After all the self skin care discussed, we have to include some items to now dress up. There are so many fun online events that have been happening all year. Companies have figured out how to market, present, and ship these items to customers. Shout out to all the delivery personnel this year. Your work has been invaluable, keeping us sane, and looking forward to something. Even if the delivery has been simple or small.

Consider this tip to continue the theme with helping local businesses and families in your area. Many people have joined with companies like Touchstone Crystal, in order to make extra money on their schedules, and sell quality jewelry products. Gather those around who you know love jewelry or need a sparkly pick me up. In addition, these items make great gifts. Although the holidays are almost over, it is never too early to look at birthdays, Mother’s or Father’s Day, and other fun occasions. A host or hostess gift is always a classy thank you, as well. Since companies have made exceptions and gone viral, you can do this party with a large or small group virtually.

There are local representatives nationwide who are continuing to sell and earn money to support their families. You can find your local representatives via Facebook groups or on the main website for the jewelry company of your choice. Many of us are working from home, and can still feel good about our presentation. Even if, we are solely dressing up the top half. 🙂 Happy Holidays and Breathe Easy…

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