Tip 25: Thankfulness & Starting Fresh- 25 Tips To Staying Together As A Family This Holiday Season


We have arrived to the close of 2020. Our arms are open welcoming 2021! I will not bore you with continued discussion on how hard this year has been for too many, we lived it! But I will remind you, even after the storm there is a rainbow. There is love and joy. One of my family members welcomed twins this past October. Another said goodbye to an elderly father and an unforeseen younger relative as he passed. People have renewed their values as family, and others have decided it was time to walk alone. Some people have found themselves, because the distractions were suddenly few and far between. In contrast, some feel lost without a path in sight of what the future holds. Many people learned of challenges faced by their fellow man, and truths about people in their circle they were blind to in the past.

No matter where you are in life’s journey, remember to stop, breathe, and listen. Breathe and take in the world around you. A beautiful friend, who is currently in ICU battling the horrible C-word I promised not to mention, reminded me, we cannot turn back time or take back our beginning, but we can always create a new end. In other words, it is never too late for a fresh start.

I encourage you today, as we go into this New Year to reflect on the good people in your life. Write down the names of those who made you smile. Those who supported you. Write a thank you note, short and sweet, and exchange this next time you see one another. It should never go unsaid how a small act of kindness has effected you. Share. I wish you ALL a happy, healthy, fresh start to a New Year! Happy Holidays and Breathe Easy…

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