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Dating apps are definitely part of today’s world. Let’s assume you have connected with a profile you found interesting, or someone has connected into yours and you have accepted. Second they have past your test and you have determined they are up to your standard of normal, try meeting up sooner than later. Texting for weeks or months at a time does not benefit you. It can be very disappointing, meeting in person and neither of you feel that spark you were hoping for and envisioning. This can lead to more anxiousness and apprehension about dating or meeting new people.

First face to face date ideas after electronic talk on dating apps.

Think quick 20-30 minute meet ups, such as a coffee shop or smoothie bar. The 20-30 minute increments can help you move through any awkwardness quicker. Anxiety increases with lack of control and the unknown. Dating is full of unknowns. The 20-30 minute time frame in itself creates a boundary and in turn helps decrease anxiousness. Examples of quick 20-30 minute dates include quick cup of coffee, dessert spot for those with a sweet tooth, a walk in between meetings, smoothie bar, yogurt or ice cream shop. Meeting friends that night? Then consider going early and meeting up with your date close by. A great way to feel safe, comfortable, and decrease anxiousness is having supportive friends close by and something to look forward too afterwards.

Calling all single professionals! Your time is valuable! Set good boundaries in the beginning. You should only spend time doing things you enjoy with people you enjoy. That rule should follow you through all the stages of your life. Once you have decided you are enjoying your date’s company and want to explore more, then you can consider spending longer periods of time together. Tomorrow is around the corner so try not to get too caught up in tonight. Therefore, a second date can be an option or a new date depending how it goes. When a date feels off, or there is no connection, take this as a learning experience. Think of the date as time spent with someone who relates to this stage of the dating experience.

How to decrease anxiety on a first in person date.

1. Public places will help decrease anxiousness for first time in person encounters. 2. Set boundaries around time while using dating apps for first dates. 3. Quick encounters after connecting online as opposed to texting for weeks. 4. Try your best not to allow anxiety or fear of rejection to keep you from happiness. Remember there is a natural anxiety meeting someone new and putting yourself out there in the dating experience for all involved. There are some who have had great success using dating apps, while others have not. Whatever the case take a deep breath. Everyone is trying to find their place in this world and who they want in it, so Breathe Easy you are not alone.

If this anxiousness in dating feels crippling, consider making an appointment with a clinician, as deeper understanding may be needed. In addition, review a few of our mindfulness videos to help clear your mind and prepare you for the date. Click the link below to access this.

tips for using dating apps

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