Q&A With Emily Puchalska


Q: Why join the Breathe Easy team?

A: I joined breathe easy because I know Cynthia from my previous private practice experience and she is a great person and a great therapist so I was excited to start working with her again. 

Q: What brought you into this industry? 

A: I come from a family of educators so I always watched my mom and grandparents working with children and their parents on different levels that made me passionate about working with people and helping them better themselves. 

Q: Where have you worked prior to joining Breathe Easy?

A: I worked as in home therapist in New Jersey and then in Private Practice.

Q: What is your biggest goal as a new member of the team?

A: My biggest goal is to gain new clients that I can guide and help make changes in their personal and work life that they can learn how to maintain. 

Q: What are your specialties/the areas in which you provide the most to your clients?

A: I worked with anxiety, depressions, adjustment disorders, trauma, behavioral issues. I like working with couples, families and individuals. I work from systems perspective which means I believe people strongly influence one another and to maintain the change they need support from the rest of their system/family/friends.

Q: What would you like people to know about your life outside of your work?

A: I guess that I’m a parent and a wife. I’m also a business owner. I love pets and walks with my dog. I also enjoy traveling and meeting new people. 

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