Tip 19: Talking Finances- Series 25 Tips to Staying Together As A Family This Holiday Season


Many businesses consider holidays their money making season. We tend to spend and shop often this time of year. Considering these things, conflicts in relationships arise often from money, and how to handle finances. No matter what your relationship or age, these discussions can be uncomfortable. Balancing checkbooks, developing savings accounts, and investments are a few ways to learn to handle money. One thing we have discovered this year is how important it is to budget. Even, if this only includes amount of items we use after purchase. For example, toilet paper. Imagine how safe it would feel when 6 months of bills are covered ahead by savings. How secure would it be to have a fund aside for any emergencies that pop up? These are possibilities for everyone no matter what your income.

There are a host of financial experts who speak and give advice on how to save money with your earnings. Dave Ramsey, Chris Hogan, and Rachel Cruz, are a few. Available resources include books, applications, and day to day ways to boost your savings. In addition, if you have a family there are ways to discuss this topic with children and teens. They can learn about the do’s and dont’s of handling money before making bad choices.

You can join a Facebook group, or even meet in person group that discusses investments or financial solutions. Another example, where you can turn is your local bank. It can seem they are interested in sales, but they have a host of knowledge to share as well. Building a customer relationship is an important part of any sale. This tip may not sound like the most fun, but it can buy your family a host of fun activities. Let’s start the year on a good financial note. Happy Holidays and Breathe Easy…


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