Online Platform & Consent

    Online Therapy is a style of therapy that allows for clients and therapists to reach each other via video conferencing. You must have a solid internet connection, camera, and computer or phone and know how to operate for this form of therapy. We use a HIPPA compliant platform. You will receive an invitation for your session through email provided. You are agreeing to take your therapist's recommendation into account while making a decision to utilize this therapy tool. You will need to verify your identity by having a valid photo ID. Only those who have signed on consent can be present and participate in the session.


    In order to assure as much privacy as possible, these sessions will not be recorded, shared, or saved by clinician or client. You will be assuming the liability for your confidentiality depending upon where you are doing these sessions. It is not recommended to be connected to a company or public wifi. Please make sure you have access to a quiet, well lit area, with a solid internet connection, where you will not be disturbed before beginning. Therapist can only assume confidentiality for his/her internet connection and devices. For any further clarification, please review the PHI (Protected Health Information) and EPHI (Electronic Protected Health Information) protocols taken by Breathe Easy Therapy LLC.

    Managing Emergencies

    You will be subject to the same emergency procedures and mandated reporting as mentioned in client contract agreement for in person sessions.

    Online therapy can be requested at later dates for anyone who has started in person sessions and may be interested.


    By signing this document you are saying that you have had the opportunity to have questions answered and that you clearly understand the risks taken by video conferencing sessions. All other procedures for these meetings are subject to the same rules as those in person sessions. Minors will not be allowed to participate in video conferencing without parents' written consent.

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